My Birthday!

Hey everybody! Nov. 5 will mark my 19th birthday! arent ya'll excited for me? Anyone who isnt has no soul and will be banashed to eating asparagus for the rest of eternity in an unnamed purgatory once your pathetic mortal life has been extingushed.
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October is cold.

I left my jacket at the Echo tap just as it is starting to turn cold. curse you seasons!

Some 40 yr old chick at work asked me if Ive been working out and if I'd lost weight. I now those are both old, hackneyed office lines, but does that mean she likes young men or just gyms?

Tomarrow I may go to a euchre tournament at bw3's cos this online gal I havent met is gonna be there. is that considered cheating on my first cyber- now real life girl or is it just innocent curiosity? Question, questions, questions.

oh yeah, I can fix paper jams and install new toner cartridges now....its so complicated too! hehe.

hey Ian, drop me a line some time amigo.

my name is Evan and Im outtaaaaa heeeeeere! Remember that one. wasnt that from "the state" or something?
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my new jizob!

So my new job at the enourmous CUNA mututal bank is kind of an earn your stripes kind of deal. Before I started the only thing that popped into my mind was ol' Rob Schneider and the "makin' copies" sketch from SNL. Well, its not quite like that, but its close! Lets say a combo. between that and "Office Space" The maze of cubicles goes on forever... sort of like that effect where youre encircled by mirrors that are angled just right.

I had a meeting with "the bobs" just like in the movie (well, kinda). It was an overview of the company where it was just me and this hotshot giving me a powerpoint presentation and asking me irrelevant nonsense. That movie aint lyin, man, theres a lot of B.S. involved in climbin the ranks. But anyway, theres all these underground tunnels and stuff that kinda remind me of an airport thats pretty cool. Big cafeteria with plenty of options. My cubicle neighbor Brian is a nice guy....he said in a couple weeks I might even get a computer at my desk like everyone else in the damn office! Apparently he started like I am...just sending out the mail and checkin the printers, but he got upgraded shortly after. So I'd be pleased if it happened that way for me as well.

My new apt. is workin out well...Ive got one of the best views of the capital in the city! There aint no way we're gonna move a damn couch up the narrow stairwell, though. Guess we'll settle for a futon.

So this girl Seana Ive been seeing can quote more lines from "Dazed and Confused" than I can....Im majorly impressed with that alone. She also likes the Vikings and smokes a lot of that one plant, but hey, my sister dated someone with those two flaws and it worked for awhile. At least she likes football. So I guess we'll just wait and see on that one.

Ohio State is goin down this week.
Oklahoma will have the same fate.

Bassett St. Ya'll

So Ben and I signed a lease. My only reservation was over whether the landlord would be understanding if I finally do decide to jump ship and hit the road. This action has become increasingly more unlikely as I've been too cowardly to even imagine going someplace by myself recently. It has even come to the point where my 28 year-old cousin has said he would "take care of me" if I stayed with him in Portland. I feel like such a baby sometimes. At any rate, the landlord said he'd be fine with it as long as I give some notice.

In an act of desperation I set up a yahoo personals account. Most of the girls my age are divorced or have 9 kids. Oh well, some of them arent that terrible. Maybe I'll be able to falsely convince one of them that I might actually be worth their time. So far nobody has sent me anything besides a 19 year old from Minneapolis who thought I looked cute. Too bad she lives far away and is apparently blind. Still waitin on a response from the two girls I contacted. At least Ive learned a few lessons of late when it comes to what not to put a girl through ie. never rush her, never call or leave a message while intoxicated, and especially try to avoid too many court dates!

But anyway, things aint all bad:I lost 7 lbs.! I should go on one those infomercials with the before and after photos. lol. Richard Simmons could make me weep in front of a live audience and then we could hug! Actually, I dont even need that kind of noteriety as I'll be on TRL with Carson Daly soon enough once this guitar thing pans out. John Mayer wont know what the hell hit him. He'll be bitching at his agent on the phone while Im playing an A chord behing my head and making new groupie friends.
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Im gettin my fat ass in shape for the long, grueling months of winter. Ive played tennis with Ben for five days straight now. Okay, so maybe Ive yet to win a set, but I did send one to a tie-breaker! Ben bein 6'4'' must be some kind of advantage.

Im gonna get a guitar this week. Once I get my hands on it I aint never puttin it down. Ive made a list of songs Im gonna learn. My thinkin is maybe I should hone my skills a little before they put me on Austin City Limits. lol. Plus, Ben has been puttin pressure on me to bite the bullet and get a place with him here in town for now. So Im down with that. I'll just get my fingers a little faster and my rhythms a little tighter before I head south. My friend Mark is gonna record some songs in a week or two. Maybe if I put some stuff together fast he'll let me in on some tracks.

Anyhow, its off to the Plaza for now. Yeah, I know its a weekday, but what the hell, Im doin better than I have in a while.

"got arrested,
but never convicted.
My parents eventually had me evicted.
Tried your number it had been disconnected.
Guess I should've known"

Bob Schneider
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Sometimes you feel like you've come really far; other times you feel like you havent gone anywhere. Today I feel like the latter. The court date went okay, I guess. There were, like, four people, all guys, who were there for the same charge as me. I tried to dress up for the court date but I dont think that beared any relevance to the judge. He handed out pretty much the same degree of severity in the penelties for all four of us. Most of the people in this court room did however dress as if they were all headed for a pontoon boat instead of a court date. My ticket was reduced, but now I have to spend another $200 bucks on some alcohol assessment program. Oh well, maybe it will be an experience. Seems like everything is lately.

I got to stay at the Super 8 motel last night! Most people would probably scoff at the idea of having no alternative but a motel, but I actually kind of liked it. It was only the second time Ive had a motel room without anyone to share it with. The first was earlier this summer when I took the bus down from Portland, OR to Eugene, OR. That one was the "Timber Lodge" or something. Its just sort of gratifying to feel like a transient sometimes. There are never any issues when the only person you have to deal with is yourself.

I had hoped to have some people to go out with beforehand, but Ian had preexisting plans. Oh well, at least I played some pool at the Huddle with that old guy whos been here since forever. I'd also like to give the thumbs up to the two blondes who were working last night. Very nice. Those girls were quite attentive to my empty cup. My last stop was Dennys just so I could play some Bob Dylan and Stevie Ray. That helped to cheer me up. But not much. After that it was out the door and up Milwaukee Street. Not much happened from there. Saw three drunks stumbling around the sidewalk and that was about it.

Now Im going home, I guess. To what I dont know. My parents are going to Iowa this weekend and told me I couldnt stay at the house. Doesnt seem like I can stay anywhere lately. lol. Oh well, hotel rooms or couches will do. Ya gotta scrape the bottom of the barrel before you can rise to the top, ya know?
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My Weekend

How ya'll doin? Guess its time for another entry. Got into the Crystal Corner bar on Wille Street no problem. If they can make $7 a pop at the door I suppose it is highly unlikely they will card anyway. So it was the same crowd as at the Harmony. This time the band was just straight up blues! Just the way I like it. Some good Harp playing by a kid who couldnt have been much passed 21 and some solid Chicago blues backing (the drummer actually was a black guy from Chicago to add a little authenticity). I even cut a little rug out on the dance floor. Supposedly I had some good moves, but Im not a good self-critic. So the run-down was Me, Darren, Ben, Stacy, Amy, Jesse, Sara (it was her bachelorette night), Jaci, and good ol' Happy at the very end.

I went home satisfied with the night but unsatisfied that once again Ben would be doing his thing with Jesse and I would be going home worthlessly alone. I guess nice guys finish last as the saying goes.

On Saturday I got my ass soaked at the Badger football game. To make matters worse they got their asses kicked by UNLV of all teams. The Double whammy was finding out the Texas Longhorns lost in Austin to freakin' Arkansas; another unranked, mediocre team.

Oh well, at least I have a courtdate to cheer me up .
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the Harmony Bar

The Harmony Bar on the near east side of Madison is a weird fricking place. I was joking with the bouncer about how I was showing him my passport instead of my drivers license (still cant get an ID card due to some sort of beurocratic glitch). Then the weird old lady who owns the joint was like "this looks like youre kid brother. how do I know its you?" She eventually lets us in, but later as Im talking to Ben hes like "Thats a federal document. If yer kid brother was born in 1977 wouldnt that make you even older than 25?) LOL. Anyway we're gonna do shots with Ben's new girlfriend, Stacy and Amy (old skool whitewater folks. We all wanted to do jagerbombs. The same lady says "we're a peace-loving be good to your neighbor kind a place. You can do any shot in the place, just no "bomb shots"" We're all just stunned. what a weird place and a weird lady. Depite all this there was a really good Tex-Mex flamingo band that played some ranchera music, "the weight" and I believe a paul simon song in there somewhere. I want to go back! Old hippies aint so bad. The place has some character if nothing else. We ended up crasing at Stacy's place and I slept on a crappy airmattress. In the morning Ben informed me he had sex with his girlfriend in the same room. ARGHH. That is just wrong. So maybe I passed out and didnt hear it, but still! the audacity! lol.

Oh yeah, and when Ian and I went to the Le Tigre Lounge on the west side the old mafia man owner nearly tossed us out for swearing. Unreal. Gotta love this town sometimes. Thanks for the fun at on Friday Ian! I slept most of Sunday and didnt see much of the Pack.
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Morning Break

During my morning breaks at the bookstore I normally go upstairs to the breakroom. On Thurs. I decided to go outside onto library mall cos' I heard a band playing right in the middle of the mall (a frequent occurence during summer). So Im diggin on this Alt/retro 70's 4-piece, right? They were playing really loud and at one point had to stop for a while because of a church service that was going So who walks up to me but one Lisa Sikorski. She was all smily and polite around me, which I guess aint bad. Out of nowhere, though, she informs me that her boyfriend plays in the band. The moment felt awkward so I decided to make a joke. The drummer in the band is I say "which ones your boyfriend? the drummer?" She laughs and takes the joke in stride but retorts that the bass player is the guy. My emotions are mixed. I suppose Im happy she has moved on and found someone new. I have always wanted her hapiness. Its just disappointing when your own life seems like a "wrong way" street. Sometimes everything you think could possibly go wrong actually does go wrong. Oh well, Ive still got Stevie to play me those sweet, lonesome blues at night.
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Old Man on Bus

Has anybody ever encountered that certain old person smell that old people get. Some old guy was sitting across from me on the bus (yes, the bus..argh) and he smelled old. The girl sitting next to him had to move. I didnt like it at first either...then I kinda thought of my grandpa, and how he used to smell old...only his was more subtle; not pungent like this guy's. Then I started thinking about how he just sorta studied everybody as if he'd been there before. Life has probably lost the capacity to surprise he can just sit there like a wrinkled plumb, well-mannered and content.

This is by far my most random and unnecessary entry to date. God I hope things get better than this.
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